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Bixby Middle School

2nd 6 week report cards will be sent home on Friday, April 11th

 State Testing Begins

Students at Bixby Middle School began their state testing window on Thursday, April 10th.  7th Grade students will take reading and math OCCT's and 8th Grade students will take reading, math, science, and history OCCT's.  Students taking Algebra or Geometry will not take the math OCCT this year; however, they will take the End-of-Instruction Exam during the 1st week in May.  It is very important for students to get at least 8 hours of sleep the night prior to testing and that they eat a good breakfast with lots of protein before the test.  A comprehensive testing schedule can be downloaded using the link below.  If you have any questions about testing or would like to volunteer to monitor a test, please contact our front office at 918.366.2201 and ask for the counseling office.